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Cult Invasion

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Map Icon Hotspot Rank B Siegecultinvasion.png
Cult Invasion
Major Heroic Encounter (5+ participants)

Repel the Cult of the Dragon invasion at the breach.
  • Repel the Cult Invasion 20:00
    • Slay Attacking Cultists (0/100)
    • Protect the Repair Effort
      • Workers lost: (0/20)
      • Supplies lost: (0/12)
    • Defeat Invasion Leader

The Cult of the Dragon's army is trying to break through the breach in the wall and invade Neverwinter. They are targeting the brave workers and repair supplies to keep the gap open. Protect the repair effort and stop the invasion.

Participating in this Heroic Encounter will reward you with [Dragon Cult Insignia], which you can spend on event rewards.

Cult Invasion is a Major Heroic Encounter on the Siege Battlefield, part of the Siege of Neverwinter event.

This heroic encounter takes place on the east side of the battlefield with cultists spawning to the north and south. Cultists will attempt to attack the workers and destroy the repair supplies. Defeat 100 cultists and the Leader will spawn on the north side. Defeat the Invasion Leader to complete the encounter. If all Workers and Supplies are lost the encounter will fail.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Rewards from Cult Invasion include:

And a chance of: