Crowd Control

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Crowd Control is a term used to describe powers or effects that make their targets unable to use powers for a period of time.

Effect Types[edit | edit source]

Combat Advantage - Gives a damage bonus, usually dependent on placement of players or enemies, but can also be granted by certain powers.
Daze - Target is unable to use Daily or Encounter Powers. Movement and At-will attacks are unaffected.
Knock - Causes the target to recoil, usually coupled with a prone effect.
Immobilize - Roots the target in place. While under this effect, attacks and powers can still be used.
Mitigation - Affected targets have an altered Damage Mitigation percentage. This change will make the target either more or less resistant to damage.
Prone - Being knocked prone causes the target to fall to the ground. While prone, creatures cannot use abilities or move until they get back up.
Push - Creatures will be quickly displaced from the effect's point of origin.
Slow - Slowed targets have reduced movement speed.
Stun - The target is incapacitated, and cannot move, attack, or use powers.