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Critical Severity

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Critical Severity
Bonus damage dealt or healing done on a critical hit.

Critical Severity is a Statistic that determines character's amount of bonus damage dealt or Hit Points healed on Critical hit.

Value[edit | edit source]

Base Critical Severity is 75%.

Racial Trait
Furious Assault 5%
Knack for Success 1%
Devastating Critical 5/10/15%
Dragon's Fury 5/6.5/8%
Sleet Skill 2%
Fiery Frenzy 2%
Critical Severity Bonus 2.5-15%
Flask of Potency[1] 5%
Major Flask of Potency[1] 7.5%
Superior Flask of Potency[1] 7.5%
Squash Soup[2] 5%
Pumpkin Soup[2] 5%
Grand Summer Feast[2] 2.5%
Wild Storm Elixir 10%
Adorable Pocket Pet 5%
Boar 1/1.5/2%
Erinyes of Belial 5/10%
Cambion Magus 2.5/5/10%
Dancing Blade 3/5%
Vorpal Enchantment 12/25/38/50%
Dread Enchantment 20/40/60/75%
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Only one flask can be active at a time
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Only one event food can be active at a time
  3. Enchantments aren't added to the character screen value

This makes the highest possible Critical Severity on the character screen +176.5%.