Creations of Wonder Pack

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Creations of Wonder Pack
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Inventory Gond MechanicalAltar Pack.png

The Creations of Wonder Pack is a pack that can be purchased during the Wonders of Gond event.

It can contain:

and, if a [Wondrous Apparatus of Gond] does not drop, instead, additionally:

  • Insignia of Gond (of Uncommon or Rare quality)

Tooltip[edit source]

Creations of Wonder Pack

This item is earned for reaching the highest level of innovation during the Wonders of Gond event.

This pack contains a high chance to gain your choice of an:
[Apparatus of Gond] Mount
[Embellished Apparatus of Gond] Mount

Or the following:

Refinement items
One Uncommon or Rare Insignia of Gond
and a [Wondrous Gizmo]

And one of the following:

Forgehammer of Gond Artifact
Blacksmith Companion
Profession Special Pack
Coalescent Ward Bind on Pickup
5x Preservation Ward Bind on Pickup

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard