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Map Icon Hotspot Rank B Siegecounterattack.png
Major Heroic Encounter (5+ participants)

Lead the Neverwinter army on a Counter-Attack against the cult of the dragon in the battlefront.
  • Take the Battle to the Cult 20:00
    • Slay Cultists (0/250)
    • Slay the Cult General

No war can be won by defense alone. General Sabine has called for a counter-attack to throw back the Cult's forces. Join the fray and lead the charge against the Cult of the Dragon!

Participating in this Heroic Encounter will reward you with [Dragon Cult Insignia], which you can spend on event rewards.

Counter-Attack! is a Major Heroic Encounter on the Siege Battlefield, part of the Siege of Neverwinter event.

This heroic encounter takes place in the center of the battlefield with enemy troops spawning on the north and south side. After defeating 250 cultists the Cult General spawns on the south side. Defeating the General completes the encounter.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Rewards from Counter-Attack! include:

And a chance of: