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Combat Advantage

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(1) - Blue indicator indicates that player is in position to do combat advantage.
(2) - An ally, a dog companion, is on the opposite side of the enemy as the player, allowing combat advantage to take effect.
(3) - The yellow number with a sword icon indicates the bonus damage the player deals.
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The Combat Advantage is an attack modifier that increases amount of damage dealt vs surrounded foes.

Value[edit | edit source]

Combat Advantage increases damage dealt by basic attacks by 15% and is increased by Combat Advantage Bonus Rating.

Name CAB
[Blink Dog] 2%
[Intellect Devourer][1] 2%
[Razorwood] 25%
[Staldorf] 2%
[Black Ice Beholder] 450
[Kessell's Spheres of Annihilation] 450
[Lantern of Revelation] 450
[Sigil of the Trickster] 450
Drow Ambush Tactics 10% of total
  1. bugged

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

When attacking a foe, if there is an ally attacking the same foe from the opposite direction, both players involved will have Combat Advantage, dealing bonus damage.

This is indicated by a sword icon next to the floating damage. Enemies show a blue indicator at their feet when you are in the right position.

Combat Advantage can be also granted by many powers, like: