Coalescent Ward

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Coalescent Ward
Category: Ward
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Quality: Rare
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Sale value: Cannot sell
Cannot Discard
Buy value: Tarmalune Trade Bars75
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A Coalescent Ward can be used when upgrading Enchantment to guarantee the success of the upgrade process. The Coalescent Ward is consumed when used.

Tooltip[edit source]

Coalescent Ward

Guarantees a successful Upgrade during the Refinement process. This item is consumed on any Upgrade attempt where it is used as a component.

Wards are used in the Refinement Upgrade process. Right click on any Enchantment, Runestone, or Artifact to bring up the Item Refinement window.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Coalescent Ward can be purchased from the Zen Market for 1,000 Zen, and is sometimes found in a [Coffer of Celestial Enchantments], a [Coffer of Celestial Artifacts], or a [Coffer of Celestial Artifact Equipment] (11 Celestial Coin), or a [Creations of Wonder Pack].

Also see: [Preservation Ward]

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