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The Legion Code

Legion Code

1. Be respectful.

2. No begging.

3. No complaining.


5. Get to know your comrades.

6. Work together to improve team skills.

7. Relax and have fun.

8. No pity for the weak!


Originally founded in January 2009 by a group of mercenaries and herbalists, Chronic Legion was established in Neverwinter by Borovar Greenleaf in May 2013. We have ventured through many games, such a World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Dofus, and now Neverwinter. Later in August of 2016, Chronic Legion came upon new leadership by Enyo.

  • To check us out on World of Warcraft, click here.
  • To check us out on Neverwinter, click here.
  • Our guilds are no longer active on Dofus or Star Trek Online.

Guild Information

  • Platform: PC
  • Guild Hall: Rank 19

  • Guild Boons:
    • Barracks Rank 9 (+7000 Power, 27% Bonus XP, 13% Incoming Heal Bonus)
    • Temple Rank 9 (7200 Lifesteal, Revive Sickness (Duration: 1:30), and 65% Group Heal Potion Bonus)
    • Stables Rank 9 (7000 Armor Penetration, 7200 Defense, and +17% Mount Speed)
    • Explorer's Guild Rank 9 (x2 Explorer's Charts Resources, 14% Control Resist Bonus, 2000 Group Stat Bonus)

  • Alliance:
    • Primacy Alliance
    • Level 200+, 3500+ Members
    • Multiple Daily Raids (Marauders, Influence, Dragonflight, Dungeons)

  • Members:
    • 15-25+ Online Members during busy hours
    • 10-15+ during non-busy hours
    • 140+ Accounts Total



  • Follow our Legion Code (at the top). We don't ask for much.
  • We're very casual, so keep casual.
  • Be active - log at least a few times a week, preferably more, participate where/when you can.
  • There is no coffer donation requirements, or taxes, donate to these at your own leisure.
  • Have fun, don't stress, 420.
  • Need a hand? Ask. Someone else needs a hand? Offer.


Rank 7 - Bud Baron - Guild Leader

Rank 6 - Hemplar - Commander

Rank 5 - Bud Knight - Officer

Rank 4 - Bud - Senior Member

Rank 3 - Sprout - Member

Rank 2 - Seed - Recruit

Rank 1 - Shake - On Trial

  • Leader
    • Bud Baron - Enyo (@Yopuko)
  • Hemplars:
    • Hemplar - Sneakymon (@most2holy) (@most3holy)
    • Hemplar - Mialee Darksbane (@pickil11)
    • Hemplar - Ordegon (@ordegon)
  • Bud Knights:
    • Aelar Shieldheart (@bigdaddy#1674)
    • Changar Jur (@cb0106#6222)
    • araceli (@dagnon#5883)
    • uXgCrusader (@crusaderuxg)
    • Cashius Claypype (@judescience42)
    • Morthus Kombatis (@kanon55555)

How to Join

For our guild in particular, we don't have any specific requirements. All players are welcome to join, both newbie and veteran alike. We really aren't very particular, just have fun, 420, be happy, that's all we ask! To join our guild you can do 1 of 3 things;

  • Apply through our website - be sure to leave your full character@handle name.
  • Contact us through our Discord Channel, found at https://discord.gg/hDYz6dy
  • Find us in-game via the "Find Person" Menu, by typing "/who Chronic Legion" in chat and send a tell any Officer/Leader online!
    • Find A Guild Menu is currently broken, and not recommended for accurate use.

Raid Screenshots

Stronghold Raiding


Screenshot 2017-09-09-18-44-32 1.jpg

Screenshot LCL2018-01-29-20-35-27.jpg

Screenshot LCL2018-02-10-14-00-53 1.jpg

Dungeon Delving


Screenshot 2015-04-04-20-09-50.jpg

Screenshot 2016-08-25-19-37-21.jpg

Screenshot 2017-07-30-14-22-51 1.jpg

Raid Videos

King of Spines

Malabog's Castle

Castle Never

Valindra's Tower

Epic Lair of Lostmauth

Demogorgon (Master)

Promotional Content