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Chipped Siegebreaker's Battle Horn/Tooltip

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Chipped Siegebreaker's Battle Horn
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Recharge Time: 600

Use: You left forth a resounding blast from your Siegebreaker's Battle Horn, increasing your Critical Avoidance by 2,000 for 30 seconds and reducing power recharge time by 5 seconds.

When you take damage the remaining cooldown on your Siegebreaker's Battle Horn is reduced by 1 second. This effect may only trigger once every second.

Only one battlehorn effect can be active at a time

Used by unyielding warriors from the past, the sound of this fabled battle horn lifts the spirit of the hero. Unfortunately in its battered condition it will break after its next use.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell