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Chapter 8: Reclaimed Identity

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Chapter 8: Reclaimed Identity
Level: 60
Preceded by: Chapter 7: Shallow Waters
Followed by: Chapter 9: The Dwarven King
Given by: Captain Belgold
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Captain Belgold
Rewards: Varies by level, up to:
18,120 XP
66 Silver, 15 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

This is the eighth quest in the Dwarven King Quest Arc by R.A. Salvatore. After completing Chapter 9: The Dwarven King, this quest can be repeated for a lower reward (604 XP, and 2 Silver, 21 Copper at Level 70).

Objective[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Captain Belgold
Bonnego has resigned from the Neverwinter Guard. I don't know what he's planning, but it can't be good.

He asked that you meet him in his "usual" spot in Driftwood tavern.

I don't like this, <name>. I'm concerned about what Bonnego is planning if he's willing to throw away everything he's earned in the Neverwinter guard for some "map".

Please go see what he's up to. I'll pull some strings to make sure you're well rewarded for ensuring Bonnego's safety.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Go to Shallow Waters
  • Protect the Village of Shallow Waters
    • Rescue Townsfolk in Water's Square (2)
    • Rescue Townsfolk in Chauntea Street (2)
    • Rescue Townsfolk in Kennaloud Alley (2)
    • Rescue Townsfolk in Eldath's Way (2)
    • Confront Orcs Leading the Assault
    • Defeat Gorguch Elfslayer
    • Defeat Orgut the Maimed
    • Defeat Gorguch Elfslayer
    • Speak to Bonnego Battleaxe
  • Return to Captain Belgold

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Bonnego Battleaxe
Ye got me message, then! I've got the adventure of a life for ye: Gauntlgrym, the home o' me ancestors. That map we took from them orcs is a map to Gauntlgrym. I'm goin' to the ancient city o' the Delzoun to find the throne o' the dwarf gods.
I've been to the Throne of the Dwarven Gods
Bonnego Battleaxe
Ye've been to Gauntlgrym? All for the better! Ye'll be me guide! I'm sure it'll be crawlin' with all matter of monsters.

It'll be a grand bit of adventure.

What are you looking for?
Bonnego Battleaxe
Ye'll see. When we get to the throne, ye'll see. It'll all be worth it.
I'm in let's go to Gauntlgrym
Dwarven Guardian
Adventurer and... our King.

We were tasked with defending Gauntlgrym. We have failed.

We have been cursed by the evils of the Underdark, driven mad by that which lurks in the darkness.

Do not hold back against those who were once good and pure. If there is light, it shall be revealed. If not, then you must end their torment.

Bonnego Battleaxe
Well, ye must know by now I ain't who I say I am.

Me real name is Bruenor Battlehammer, tha former king o' Gauntlgrym.

It's a long story about why I was hidin' as Bonnego, maybe one day I'll tell ye what happened. Keep this a secret between the two o' us for now.

Bah, not that it matters. I came here ta reclaim me throne, but that ain't happenin'.

What are you going to do now?
Bonnego Battleaxe
I don't know. The throne rejected me, and I'm nor for knowin' why. Go on without me. I can find me own way out o' this place... after I get me armor and helm back.

I'm sure Belgold will be worried about me. I'll tell 'im meself what happened, he's been sendin' you to look after me outa the kindness of his own heart, he deserves an explanation.

Very well, I'll speak with Captain Belgold

Completion[edit | edit source]

Captain Belgold
<name>, I just saw Bonnego. He told me everything, that you and him were working to clear the evil within Gauntlgrym, and that he wanted to honor the name of Bruenor Battlehammer. He was even wearing the Battlehammer armor.

I can understand the desire to honor a dead ancestor. Lord Nasher is still worshipped by many people here in Neverwinter... I can only imagine the lengths I would take to reclaim Neverwinter if she ever fell into ruin.

Bonnego told me that you and him still have one last adventure before this is all over. Maybe this will be the key to reclaiming Gauntlgrym.

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