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Chapter 1: Attack at Dusk

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Chapter 1: Attack at Dusk
Level: 60
Preceded by: A Matter of Dwarves and Farms
Followed by: Chapter 2: The Pwent
Given by: Captain Belgold
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Captain Belgold
Rewards: Varies by level, up to:
18,120 XP
66 Silver, 15 Copper
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This is the first quest in the Dwarven King Quest Arc by R.A. Salvatore. After completing Chapter 9: The Dwarven King, this quest can be repeated for a lower reward (604 XP, and 2 Silver, 21 Copper at Level 70).

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Seek out Spider of The Grinning Ponies in Driftwood Tavern

Summary[edit | edit source]

Captain Belgold
Greetings, <name>. I just received a report of trouble out by a farm, but I don't have the manpower to check it out. Can you look into it for me? I'll make it worth your while.

There's a band of halfling riders in town right now calling themselves the Grinning Ponies. One of them - calls himself Spider - in the Driftwood Tavern can tell you more

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the Driftwood Tavern
  • Speak with Spider
  • Render Aid at the Chandler Farm
    • Go to the Chandler Farm
    • Speak to Gared Chandler
    • Defeat Groups of Drow Surrounding the Farm (4)
    • Enter the Chandler Home
    • Defeat the Drow in the Basement
    • Examine the Bodies
    • Explore the Chandler Basement
    • Defeat the Head Drow Vampire
    • Leave the Farmhouse
    • Speak to Pwent
  • Return to Captain Belgold

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Spider Pericolo Topolino
Spider Pericolo Topolino, at your service. Can I help you?
Captain Belgold sent me to talk to you about the sacked farmhouse.
Spider Pericolo Topolino
Ah, yes. One of our Neverwinter contacts, passing by the Chandler farmhouse, noted something rather odd. One of the windmills was on fire.

He didn't see anyone trying to douse the fire, so he just assumed there was just a freak accident while no one was around. Can you believe that?

I would check it out, but unfortunately the Grinning Ponies depart for the east this afternoon.

Can you please check in on the Chandler farmhouse? I fear something bad has happened to them.

I'll take care of it.
Gared Chandler
Thank the gods you're here!

The drow... dark elves attacked under cover of darkness last night.

My family... they're all dead! I set the windmill on fire to signal for help, then went into hiding this entire time.

Can you move? You need to get out of here.
Gared Chandler
I... I think I can.

I don't know why they would attack our small farmhouse.

Please, you have to stop the Drow! It's too late to save my farm, or my family... but you can stop them from attacking other farms!

Get out of here, I'll deal with the Drow.
Thibbledorf Pwent
What're ye about?
I'm <name>, who are you?
Thibbledorf Pwent
I'm the Pwent, o'course! Who else did ye think I'd be, ye fool?

Ye defeated them dark elves? That's good. I'll just be checkin' the place over afore ye go. Yerself's done good. If ye see any more like these, be sure t' let me know.

What are you doing here?
Thibbledorf Pwent
Right then. Les' see what we got here.

Pwent's mind seems to have wandered off…

...I guess I'll return to Captain Belgold

Completion[edit | edit source]

Captain Belgold
Gared Chandler just came in. He says they were attacked by drow.

You say there were Drow vampires? Great, the last thing we need is a vampire infestation.

And this "Pwent" you mention sounds quite suspicious. Perhaps he's tied to all of this.

I'll have my scouts keep an eye out for him... if he looks the way you say, that shouldn't be too hard.