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A Campaign is a new type of questing system introduced in Module 1: Fury of the Feywild. It features a series of interlocked quests and dungeons that must be unlocked in a tree format by performing various other quests and spending various resources gathered during the campaign.

List of Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Name Module Release Image
Sharandar Campaign Fury of the Feywild August 22, 2013 Campaign SCC Campaign Sharandar.png
Dread Ring Campaign Shadowmantle December 5, 2013 Campaign SCC Campaign Dreadring.png
Icewind Dale Campaign Curse of Icewind Dale May 13, 2014 Campaign SCC Campaign Icewind.png
PvP Campaign Curse of Icewind Dale May 13, 2014 Campaign SCC Campaign PvP.png
Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Tyranny of Dragons
Rise of Tiamat
August 14, 2014
November 18, 2014
Campaign SCC Campaign TyrannyofDragons.png
Strongholds Campaign Strongholds August 11, 2015 Stronghold Loading.jpg
Underdark Campaign Underdark November 17, 2015 Campaign Scc Campaign Underdark.png
The Maze Engine Campaign The Maze Engine March 15, 2016 Campaign Scc Campaign Mazeengine.png
Elemental Evil Campaign Elemental Evil April 21, 2016 Campaign Scc Campaign Elementalevil.png
Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign The Maze Engine June 7, 2016
Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign The Maze Engine June 7, 2016 Campaign SCC Campaign Seer.png
Storm King's Thunder Campaign Storm King's Thunder August 15, 2016 Campaign Scc Campaign Stormking.png
The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign The Cloaked Ascendancy February 21, 2017 Campaign SCC Campaign Ascendancy.png
Jungles of Chult Campaign Tomb of Annihilation July 25, 2017 Campaign Scc Campaign Chult.png