Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12

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Icon Inventory Enchantment Brutal T12 01.png
Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12
Category: Enchantment
Type: Enchantment
Quality: Epic
Sale value: Silver80
Buy value: {{{value2}}}
Refinement Point: Refinement Points50,000
Icon Inventory Enchantment Brutal T12 01.png

The Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.

Low-rank Brutal Enchantments are a reward from Call to Arms skirmish events.

Tooltip[edit source]

Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12
Item Level: 82

When applied to an item:

Offense Slot: +420 Power and Critical Strike
Defense Slot: +1,800 Hit Points and +420 Defense
Utility Slot: +420 Movement and +14% XP Bonus

This enchantment is cold to the touch, and seems to dim the light around it.

Rank: 12 (0/55,000 to next rank)
No Level Requirement
Refinement Points50,000