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Bounty Assortment Pack

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Bounty Assortment Pack
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Container
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Quality: Uncommon
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Sell value: Cannot sell
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Inventory Misc Bag1 Glowblue.png

Bounty Assortment Pack is one of the selections from the following bags which can be bought from a Bounty Master for 40 of that zone's campaign currency.

It contains:

Location Pack Name NPC Cost Gear Level
Blackdagger Ruins Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Blackdagger's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Blackdagger Insignia40
Neverdeath Graveyard Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Neverdeath's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Necromantic Sigils40
Helm's Hold Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Ashmadai's Partisan Pack] Baram Hannikar Ashmadai Symbol40
Ebon Downs Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Ebon Downs' Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Deathknell Shard Sliver40 40
Vellosk Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Vellosk's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Gray Wolf Insignia40 43
Pirates' Skyhold Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Pirate Skyhold's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Blackdagger Gold Coin40 45
Icespire Peak Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Icespire's Partisan Pack] Icehammer Bounty Master Mithral Nugget40
Rothé Valley Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Temple of the Spider's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Symbol of Lolth40
Mount Hotenow Inventory Misc Bag1 Glow.png[Mount Hotenow's Partisan Pack] Bounty Master Ember Shard40


Bounty Assortment Pack

This assortment pack contains an array of bags that have Refinement and Profession items.

This box contains one of the following:

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell