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Bonding Runestone

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Bonding Runestones are a type of augments for Companions, which provide an equip power as well as offense or defense bonusses depending on the type of slot of the companion it is placed in.

See Also[edit | edit source]

Epic Runestone

Stats and equip power[edit | edit source]

The equip power Bonding Runestone provide is:

When your Companion activates a power, it will grant you Companion's Gift.

Companion's Gift grants you ..% of your Companion's stats for 30 seconds.

The percentage of stats granted scales withe the rank of the Bonding Runestone, and varies from 30% at Rank 7, to 65% at Rank 14.

Image Rank % of stats granted Offense Slot Defense Slot
[[:File:Icon Inventory Runestone Bonding T7 01.png|Icon Inventory Runestone Bonding T7 01.png]] [Rank 7] 30% +300 Power +300 Defense
[Rank 8] 35% +350 Power +350 Defense
[Rank 9] 40% +450 Power +450 Defense
[Rank 10] 45% +500 Power +500 Defense
[Rank 11] 50% +650 Power +650 Defense
[Rank 12] 55% +750


+750 Defense
[Rank 13] 60% +900 Power +900 Defense
[Rank 14] 65% +1050


+1050 Defense

Refinement[edit | edit source]

For the refinement and regeants required to upgrade (Bonding) Runestones see: Enchanting#Refining