Blackdagger Bandits

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Blackdagger Bandits
Traven and Malus Blackdagger are the most successful raiders operating along the High Road in recent memory. As two penniless brothers from Luskan, they began their bandit careers with only a handful of men, but their ruthlessness and keen eye for opportunity earned them great success. The Blackdagger Bandits, as they were now called, gained some measure of fame, and criminals flocked to join them.

With the rebuilding of Neverwinter and the subsequent increase in trade, the Blackdagger Bandits have seen an even larger increase both to their income and to their ranks. They have become such a problem along the High Road that Neverember has announced a bounty for the heads of Traven and Malus.

Strangely, soon after this bounty was announced, the two brothers dropped out of sight and have not been seen since, and rumors persist that someone new now leads the Blackdagger Bandits. Despite this, the raiders' presence on the High Road is as string as ever. Why would Neverember's announcement cause the brothers to disappear? Do they still lead the Blackdagger Bandits? If not, then who does?

The Blackdagger Army
The Blackdagger brothers can be accused of many things, but not lack of ambition. When the Thayan wizard Kallos Tam offered them an undead army, the only question was whether Tam could actually deliver on his promises. When it became apparent that he could, the brothers began planning their attack on Neverwinter. Their goal was to take control of the city and insinuate themselves as the lords of the surrounding lands.

While Malus planned the attack, Traven followed Kallos Tam into the crypts to keep an eye on the Thayan. After all, it was clear that Tam intended to keep control of the army for himself. Traven would learn all he could about how to control the army from observing Tam, and then kill the wizard. With an army of undead at his and his brother's command, no force in Neverwinter could stand against them.