Blackdagger's End (Party)

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Blackdagger's End
Level: 25
Preceded by: Grimstorm Keep
Followed by:
Given by: Garl Gnarlclaw
Starts in: Blackdagger Ruins
Also occurs in: Cragmire Crypts (dungeon)
Ends in: Blackdagger Ruins
Turn in to:
164 XP
68 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Enter Cragmire Crypts to defeat the necromancer Kallos Tam and destroy the pirate lord Traven Blackdagger.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Garl Gnarlclaw
Xalliana discovered a darker force controlling the Blackdagger Bandits from the Crypts deep beneath Blackdagger Ruins. She went to hunt down the two powers in charge: A wizard named Kallos Tam, and the powerful pirate lord Traven Blackdagger. She hasn't returned, and I fear the worst.

The Harpers will pay well for you to investigate, and to finish her mission if she has fallen.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • All have the quest
  • Have 5 members in the party, no more
  • Go to Cragmire Crypts
  • have 40 min to spare

Completion[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Alright so after 40 min I found out you need to have 3 members ( no more!!!) in a party with the quest to go into it, the location is where the map points you to go. Small camp in the area where you accepted the quest.

And you must Queue this up (k on the keyboard)