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Beautiful Chaos

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Welcome to Beautiful Chaos

Summary[edit | edit source]

Beautiful Chaos is an ever-evolving guild on the Xbox. It is Currently an active and growing guild accepting new members, unlike many guilds we actually accept members below level 70 and we do not require new members to have a specific gear score, nor are we a specific class guild.

Our guild is friendly and laid back and we are on to have fun. We have 4 guild leaders:

  • Last Monsta
  • MarkedSquishy69
  • xTwistedSmoke
  • YodaMaster47

Our Style[edit | edit source]

Our guild is mainly PVE (Player Vs. Environment) based players. Our guild is full of friendly and knowledgeable MMO Players. We do group dungeons, raids, farming, questing, heroic encounters, stronghold running, etc daily, The Leaders are based in Australia, England, and the USA so we have you covered both Future, Present, and Past. A lot of our members are based in the USA but we do have others in Europe and around the world, so there is always someone on to play with. As mentioned before we are a laid back guild, all of our leaders are mature as we all work and have families, we understand if you cannot commit to play 12hrs everyday, heck 12 hrs a week would be a virtue. Its a game so let's have fun!!!

As a Guild, we are always actively trying to expand our guild (currently rank 12). We do not have any donation requirements, but anything and everything is appreciated as building costs are high, run influence as often as you can (always ask in alliance chat someone is always on). Although not mandatory we do ask if you can build AD crate please do so if you cannot please try and donate at least 2k AD a week!
We have a very active and Strong Alliance (a couple of Rank 20's) in addition to our great Guild. As an alliance, all dungeons, heroics, skirmishes, Dragonflight, and questing can be completed and accomplished with time to spare!

Any questions or concerns please contact our leaders.

P.S.: "Don's a Tool!!!"

Becoming a Member[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in joining please check what we want in a guild member and message one of the guild leaders over Xbox live or via in-game mail.
Requirements to join:

  1. We are an English Speaking Guild so all applicants must speak English.
  2. We require Mature Membership. No age limits here just do not be a whining screamer you will be warned and muted and eventually kicked.
  3. All members must be ACTIVE.
  4. Typing is a pain on the Xbox, so we advise you to have a headset and mic. This makes cooperation much better. Our group chats are usually open feel free to join in and talk to your guildies.
  5. Play as you like.
  6. Don't be a jerk, even if that's how you play.
  7. We will help your characters but we will not carry your character if you are not willing to put the effort in, then neither are we.
    • With Mod 14 it is very easy for us to get you geared up past 8k as long as your level 70.
  8. Dont't scream down the mic, Squishy will kill you.

Guild Ranking Structure
# Name Requirements for the position
7 General N/A
6 1st Officer Promotions here are made by the Generals/Guild Leaders and Master at Arms have proven him or herself to be a great asset to the Guild.
5 Master at Arms This is where Senior promotions starts, it is awarded to Master Sergeants who have proven themselves loyal to the guild and are willing to be a true asset to the guild. Also, must have great knowledge of Guild, their main class and the game.
4 Master Sergeant Must have proven him or herself as a Sergeant/Senior member of the guild, knowledge of guild starts here and more involvement with the guild rather just donations and participation. They will have proven themselves to be helpful to fellow guild members.
3 Sergeant Must have proven him or herself as a member, Then actively helping, and donating to the guild in various ways Questing, Events, Coffer etc.
2 Private 1st Class Have proven to be active and good guild player (trustworthy), can be trusted to donate to the coffer without being prompted to do so.
1 Private Basic Membership requirements met. See being active in the game and guild, regularly donating to the coffer. This is the start, the more active you are the stronger the guild will get.