Banshee Gate Key

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Inventory Misc Keys Sharandar Area2.png
Banshee Gate Key
Category: Quests
Type: Quest Starter
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Quality: Quest
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{{{damage}}} Damage
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Quest: The Dark Fey Enclave
Sale value: Cannot Discard
Buy value: Feywild Spark50 Gold3
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Banshee Gate Key is purchased for 50 Feywild Spark and 3 Gold via the Sharandar Campaign interface tree option "Unlock the Dark Fey Enclave". It grants the quest The Dark Fey Enclave which allows entry into the Sharandar region of the same name.

Tooltip[edit source]

Banshee Gate Key
Double-click to accept quest

Allows passage through the Banshee Gate into the Dark Fey Enclave in Sharandar.

This will grant you the quest "The Dark Fey Enclave"