Bael An Ashock

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Bael An Ashock
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Tiefling
Bael An Ashock.png

Bael An Ashock is an NPC who can be found inside Grand Emporium in Protector's Enclave.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Bael An Ashock
Companions will fight with you, heal you, and help you in all of your adventures! They gain experience, and you can even give them equipment to use!

When your companion has gained enough experience to level up, you will need to send it off for training. It will return after a few minutes stronger than before.

That's not all you can do with Companions, however. Each of your Active Companions will also give you or your summoned Companion an Active Bonus. You can even have your Companions go off on their own adventures to bring you back treasure!

What types of Active Bonuses are there?
Bael An Ashock
Most Active Bonuses will increase your personal abilities such as adding to your chance to Critical Hit or take less damage from attacks. Some Active Bonuses will trigger randomly from your attacks, doing various things like more damage or healing you.

You should definitely look through you (sic) available Companions and select the right Companions to join your active band.

Tell me about Sword Coast Adventures.
Bael An Ashock
Sword Coast Adventures is a dice-based game available on the web at Playing it will earn experience for your companions, as well as other rewards.

Once you have named your companion, it will be available for use within Sword Coast Adventures. Every companion has its own set of Power Dice that improves and expands as they level up, which allows them to go on more daring adventures... and bring back more treasures!

How do I level up my Companions?
Bael An Ashock
You will need to adventure with your companion for it to gain experience, and then send it away for training to level up and improve its power.

When your companion has gained enough experience, open the companion page on your character sheet, or press the (default) key to bring up the page. Press the "Begin Training" button in that window, and it will be sent off for training. Depending on how many levels your companion has gained, this may take some time.

When your companion returns, it will now fight at its new level. It may also unlock new equipment slots, costumes, and more!