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Assassin Drake (previous)

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Assassin Drake
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Companion
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip
Role: Striker
Sell value: hidden
Refinement point: Refinement Points{{{valueRP}}}
Buy cost: Tarmalune Trade Bars800
Icons Companion Blackassassindrake.png

The Assassin Drake is a striker companion that can be found in the Icon Lockbox Felldragon.png[Fell Dragon Lockbox].

It is also available from the Icon Lockbox Resurgence Companionpack Epic.png[Glorious Resurgence Epic Companions Pack]. An Uncommon quality version can be bought at the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant.


Assassin Drake
Item Level: 100
Striker, Rank 1
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Hit Points:
Critical Strike:
Armor Penetration:

Active Bonus:
+55/?/165 Armor Penetration.
+55/?/165 Recovery.
Applies to you as long as this companion is active.

Acid Prepared
Acidic Spew
Expert Striker
Master Striker
Vicious Bite

Offense Slot: No Runestone
Offense Slot: No Runestone
Defense Slot: No Runestone

Item Slots: Neck, Waist, Neck

Assassin Drakes are sneaky vicious predators. They are extremely loyal if they are trained from when they are created.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Unlock Cooldown Effect
Power Icon Companion Shocksphere.png
Acid Prepared 30 The Assassin' Drake's biite does 50% more damage if the target is taking damage from his acid spit.
Power Icon Companion Colorspray.png
Acid Spew 5s Spits acid on up to 5 target foes, dealing initial acid damage and damage over time.
Power Icon Companion Shocksphere.png
Expert Striker 20 This companion is a seasoned adventurer. While summoned, your companion's Power, Critical Strike, and Armor Penetration are increased by 10%. Their defenses and attack abilities have been increased to benefit their battle style.
Power Icon Companion Shocksphere.png
Master Striker 35 This companion is a true adventurer. While summoned, your companion's Power, Critical Strike, and Armor Penetration are increased by an additional 10%. The defenses and attack abilities given by Expert Striker have also been increased.
Power Icon Companion Bite.png
Vicious Bite 2s A vicious bite that deals direct damage to target foe.
Icon Name Beneficiary Bonus
Icons Companion Blackassassindrake.png
[Assassin Drake] Summoner +55/?/165 Armor Penetration.
+55/?/165 Recovery.

Gallery[edit | edit source]