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Artificing/Mithraleaf Grimoire

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Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Morale Interval Profession XP Profession XP per Hour SilverCost per Hour
53 Inventory Secondary Grimoire Professions Artificing Mithraleaf.png Mithraleaf Grimoire Silver20 Copper2 630 541-748 1x Crafting Resource Sand Mithral.png[Mithral Sand], 1x Crafting Resource Glue Fish.png[Fish Glue], 1x Inventory Secondary Grimoire Professions Artificing Mithraleaf.png[Bearskin Grimoire] Tier 1:Tier 2: 28 2h 30m Profession XP25,543 Profession XP10,217.2 Silver8.01