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Artifact Equipment is a feature introduced in Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons. Unlike standard artifacts, equipment artifacts have a maximum rank of 60, and are refined using equipment instead of enchantments.

The types of artifact equipment so far are:

Refinement[edit | edit source]

Artifact equipment uses the Item Refinement interface. Any identified equipment that has a minimum required level of 60 or 70 can be used to empower artifact equipment which requires character level 60 or 70, respectively.

Main hand equipment gives double RP to artifact weapons. Belt equipment gives double RP to artifact belts. In the same way, equipment that goes in the off-hand slot (such as talismans, blades, daggers and grimoires) give double RP to artifact off-hands.

Resonance Stones and refining gemstones (such as Brilliant Diamonds, Blood Rubies, Black Opals, Aquamarines, Flawless Sapphires, Peridots, and White Pearls) can also be used.

Quality Base RP
Uncommon equipment 100
Rare equipment 300
non-tier Epic equipment 450
tier 1 Epic equipment 575
tier 2 Epic equipment 650
[Minor Resonance Stone] 500
[Lesser Resonance Stone] 2,500
[Resonance Stone] 5,000
[Greater Resonance Stone] 12,500

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Reagents Success Chance
14 to 15 [Lesser Mark of Power], [Lesser Mark of Stability], [Lesser Mark of Union] 90%
34 to 35 [Mark of Power], [Mark of Stability], [Mark of Union] 50%
59 to 60 [Greater Mark of Power], [Greater Mark of Stability], [Greater Mark of Union] 10%

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