Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack

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Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Container
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup
Quality: Rare
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The Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack was a special reward mailed to existing level 60 characters on December 5th, 2013 to assist in adapting to addition of Artifacts and the changes to Enchantment implemented with Module 2: Shadowmantle.


Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

This pack contains various Refining Stones needed by Artifacts, Enchantments, and Runestones.

This pack contains:
1 Lesser Power Stone
1 Lesser Stability Stone
1 Lesser Union Stone
5 Lesser Marks of Potency

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell

Contents[edit | edit source]

In Game Email[edit | edit source]

From: Cryptic Studios

Subject: Treasures of Shadowmantle

Greetings, [character name]!

Module 2: Shadowmantle has arrived, and with it, new Artifacts to uncover!

As a reward for reaching level 60 prior to the release of Shadowmantle, please accept this Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack.

This pack will help you Refine and Upgrade your existing Enchantments and Runestones, and provides you with additional items for your soon-to-be-found Artifacts!

Sergeant Knox has requested your presence in Protector's Enclave. He's received word of new Artifacts being unearthed, and wants your help investigating the claim.