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Anara the Cerulean

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Anara the Cerulean is an NPC based in Caer-Konig in Icewind Dale. Anara will give you contracts to complete for the Arcane Brotherhood.

Conversations with Anara:[edit | edit source]

Tell me about the Arcane brotherhood

The wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood are an order dedicated to advancing the magical arts. In the past, our proud order was infiltrated by wizards whose personal ambition overcame their dedication to our cause. Our members today are committed to making amends for the unfortunate events that tarnished our good name.

Naturally the discovery of the mysterious black ice merits the attention of the Brotherhood. An arcane element such as this requires a great degree of carefully controlled study. It is apparent black ice has an adverse effect on weaker minds.

Fare be it from me to besmirch the people of Ten-towns, but surely one of your experience and sophistication can see that they are ill-prepared to deal with black ice. For the good of all, I urge you to lend your support to the Arcane Brotherhood.