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Amn[edit | edit source]

It is a part of Faerun which is controlled by the rich families, mainly merchants. Bribes and corruption are rampant and money precedes honor and justice. They no longer have any colonies but it is still dominant in trade.

The council of five openly rules Amn - houses Selemchant, Dannihyr, Alibakkar, Ophal and Nashivar. Only the spellcasters who are licensed to perform magic are allowed to do so, and these are from house Selemchant and called cowled wizards. The guild of Shadow thieves monopolizes Amn and is under control of house Dannihyr. The Cyric's worship is popular with house Nashivar having a lot of connections with its church. Rebels mainly include an underground spellcasting group called Emerald Cabal. Also many Rebels include halflings.

In Game Description via Character Origins in Character Creation:
In Amn everything has a price. Controlled by five wealthy and powerful merchant houses, Amn is ruled through scheming, intimidation, and pragmatism. People of Amn who tire of the corrupt rule of the High Houses often go in search of adventure.