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Alchemy Profit

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Contrary to popular belief this profession is very lucrative generating a lot of AD at the cost of a few gold pieces to buy the [Brimstone], [Quicksilver], and [Solvent] necessary to level it up . The top sellers are dyes available at Profession Level 7 and transmutation of blue professional assets at Level 13 . Basically, you transform [Arcane Shard] into 3 [Refined Primordial Goo] and 4 of those into [Eldritch Crystal] . The profit varies with the market but usually you might get 300% of your investment. Let's compare to Leadership - a good leadership task provides you with 100 raw Astral Diamonds per hour worked . This transmutation takes 46.(6) minutes but i will be generous and consider it an hour . So the work time is 100 AD . The cost of [Arcane Shard] varies between 1k and 1.5k AD (going with 1.5k for calculations) . You need 4/3 shards to transmute a crystal and lose 12.5% at sale thanks to the auction house cut . So the cost of producing an [Eldritch Crystal] is (1500*4/3+100)*1/(1-0.125)= 2400 . Everything you sell over 2400 is pure profit . And selling for 2400 gets you as many astral diamonds as the much acclaimed Leadership profession .