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Alchemy Primer

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Alchemy Primer
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: uncategorized
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The Alchemy Primer is an information item that is received when a new Alchemist hires his or her first Apothecary in the Forgotten Profession of Forgotten Alchemy. It is not received again when hiring additional hands, even if all should have been lost, and it also does not appear in the inventory. It symbolizes the newly acquired knowledge of Alchemy. As such, it is not bound to the hands that a player employs. It is meant to be read and used to guide the progression of a player through the profession.


Alchemy Primer

Alchemical Research and Experimentation

Every Alchemist must experiment to find his own recipe for making potions. While the base ingredients are the same for everyone, some very minor changes in tempature, order of adding ingredients or even the number of whisks with a utensil are necessary for each individual Alchemist.

Every successful experiment will grant the Alchemist a new insight into the basics of Alchemy as well as his particular recipe for making a potion or transmutation. Putting these insights together with research enables the Alchemist to advance into higher ranks.

No Level Requirement