Alchemy/Superior Flask of Potency

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Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Morale Interval Profession XP Profession XP per Hour SilverCost per Hour
70 Crafting Alchemy Potion Flaskofpotency T03 01.png Superior Flask of Potency Silver75 Copper12 800 694-901 3x Crafting Resource Drakehorn.png[Drake Horn], 3x Crafting Resource Shimmerweed.png[Shimmerweed], 3x Crafting Resource Springwater.png[Spring Water], 1x Crafting Resource Shark Oil.png[Fish Oil], 1x Crafting Resource Obsidian.png[Volcanic Salt] Tier 1:Tier 2: 40 3h Profession XP? - Silver25.04