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A view of the Zen Market store front during open beta

The Zen Market is the in-game store where items are offered for Zen, a currency which can be purchased with real-world money or with Astral Diamonds on the Astral Diamond Exchange. It is always accessible to a player for long as they are logged in on a character through the fifth button from the left at the bar typically at the top center of the heads-up display or, by default, pressing the "Y" key.

Items purchased on the Zen Market are transferred immediately to the inventory of the logged-in character, except of course when the purchase is of an account perk like an additional character slot for which there is no associated item.

Purchasing Zen[edit | edit source]

Current Zen cost is:
Price (in USD) Zen Bonus
$200.00 20,000 1,300
$100.00 10,000 600
$50.00 5,000 300
$30.00 3,000
$20.00 2,000
$10.00 1,000

Zen Sales[edit | edit source]

Around once a quarter, PWE will offer a Zen sale that averages about 15% bonus Zen. There are limitations to the type of transaction.

PWE will use Twitter, Facebook and their News page to announce when the next Zen Sale is.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Category Subcategory Item Cost
Items Dragon Keys 5x [Legendary Dragon Key] 300Zen
Items Keys [Enchanted Keys & Dusk Boots] 2,250Zen
Items Keys 10x [Enchanted Key] 1,125Zen
Items Keys [Enchanted Key] 125Zen
Items Packs [Companion Helper Pack] 1,400Zen
Items Packs [Inscribed Garment Box] 1,500Zen
Items Packs [Adventurer's Helper Pack] 1,500Zen
Items Packs [Flame Sprite Bundle] 3,000Zen
Items Packs [Hunter Ranger Booster Pack] 3,500Zen
Items Packs [Scourge Warlock Booster Pack] 3,500Zen
Items Packs [Dragonborn Legend Pack] 7,500Zen
Items Packs [Bahamut's Champion Booster Pack] 3,500Zen
Items Packs [Adventurer's Starter Pack] 2,000Zen
Items Packs [Guardian of Neverwinter Pack] 6,000Zen
Items Packs [Hero of the North Pack] 20,000Zen
Items Packs [Knight of the Feywild Pack] 6,000Zen
Items Packs [Oathbound Paladin Booster Pack] 3,500Zen
Items Potions 5x [Scroll of Life] 300Zen
Items Potions [Greater Stone of Health] 1,500Zen
Items Potions [Stone of Health] 500Zen
Items Potions 5x [Scroll of Mass Life] 500Zen
Bags [Runic Bag of Holding] 1,600Zen
Bags [Bag of Holding] 600Zen
Bags [Greater Bag of Holding] 1,000Zen
Stronghold Consumables 5x [Golden Bell] 500Zen
Stronghold Packs [Stronghold Chest of Power] 300Zen
Stronghold Packs [Stronghold Starter Pack] 3,500Zen
Stronghold Strongbox Keys 20x [Strongbox Key] 1,000Zen
Stronghold Strongbox Keys 5x [Strongbox Key] 300Zen
Services Change Appearance Token 200Zen
Companions Beasts [Boar] 800Zen
Companions Beasts [Cave Bear] 800Zen
Companions Beasts [Hawk] 800Zen
Companions Beasts [Honey Badger] 2,500Zen
Companions Beasts [Tomb Spider] 1,500Zen
Companions Beasts [Wolf] 800Zen
Companions Beasts [Owl] 2,500Zen
Companions Beasts [Crab] 2,500Zen
Companions Bundles [Companion Helper Pack] 1,400Zen
Companions Bundles [Rimefire Golem Bundle] 3,000Zen
Companions Hirelings [Acolyte of Kelemvor] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Cantankerous Mage] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Neverember Guard] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Siege Master] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Slyblade Kobold] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Cold Iron Warrior] 800Zen
Companions Hirelings [Wild Hunt Rider] 800Zen
Companions Hirelings [Blacksmith] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Duergar Guard] 800Zen
Companions Hirelings [Barbarian Shaman] 1,200Zen
Companions Hirelings [Grazilaxx Bundle] 1,700Zen
Companions Special [Ghost] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Ioun Stone of Allure] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Galeb Duhr] 2,500Zen
Companions Special [Kenku Archer] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Sprite] 2,500Zen
Companions Special [Leprechaun] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Will-O'-Wisp] 2,500Zen
Companions Special [Dread Warrior] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Astral Deva] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Quasit] 1,200Zen
Companions Special [Black Dragon Ioun Stone] 3,000Zen
Companions Special [Cultist of Air][1] 800Zen
Mounts Beasts [Trained Grizzly] 2,500Zen
Mounts Beasts [Armored Bear] 3,500Zen
Mounts Beasts [White Tiger] 3,500Zen
Mounts Beasts [Medium Tiger] 2,500Zen
Mounts Beasts [Wolf of the Wild Hunt] 2,500Zen
Mounts Beasts [Leopard of Chult] 3,000Zen
Mounts Beasts [Polar Bear] 1,800Zen
Mounts Horses [Amnian Horse] 500Zen
Mounts Horses [Calimshan Horse] 500Zen
Mounts Horses [Tethyr Horse] 500Zen
Mounts Horses [Stormraider Clydesdale] 2,500Zen
Mounts Horses [Black Horse] 800Zen
Mounts Horses [Medium Black Horse] 1,800Zen
Mounts Horses [Medium Palomino Horse] 1,800Zen
Mounts Horses [Ashen Brindle Horse] 500Zen
Mounts Horses [Golden Brindle Horse] 1,500Zen
Mounts Horses [Reanimated Destrier] 3,500Zen
Mounts Horses [Armored Ghost Horse] 1,500Zen
Mounts Special [Heavy Howler] 3,500Zen
Mounts Special [Medium Worg] 2,500Zen
Mounts Special [Heavy Worg] 3,500Zen
Mounts Special [Yeth Hound] 3,500Zen
Mounts Special [Dusk Unicorn] 4,000Zen
Mounts Special [Hell Hound] 2,500Zen
Mounts Special [Gelatinous Cube] 1,800Zen
Mounts Special [Guard Drake] 4,000Zen
Professions [Professions Asset Pack] 1,600Zen
Professions [Professions Booster Pack] 300Zen
Professions Other [Black Ice Shaping Booster Pack] 1,500Zen
Professions Other [Hammerstone Runeforge Kit] 1,000Zen
Refinement Refining Stones [Blood Ruby Pack] 2,000Zen
Refinement Refining Stones [Blood Ruby] 800Zen
Refinement Wards [Coalescent Ward] 1,000Zen
Refinement Wards 10x [Preservation Ward] 100Zen
Boosts Campaign [Sharandar Campaign Completion] 5,000Zen
Boosts Campaign [Dread Ring Campaign Completion] 5,000Zen
Boosts Campaign [Icewind Dale Campaign Completion] 5,000Zen
Boosts XP [Experience Booster] 900Zen
Boosts XP [Epic Experience Booster] 5,000Zen
Boosts Glory [Glory Booster] 300Zen
Boosts Glory [Greater Glory Booster] 1,000Zen
Services Bank Slots Manycoins Bank Slots (16) 600Zen
Services Bank Slots Shared Bank Slots (8) 700Zen
Services Character Retraining Token 300Zen
Services Character Rename Token 400Zen
Services Character Change Appearance Token 200Zen
Services Character Race Reroll Token 1,500Zen
Services Character Slots 2x Character Slots (up to 50) 500Zen
Services Companions Slots Companion Active Slot 350Zen
Services Companions Slots 8x Idle Companion Slots 100Zen
VIP VIP(1 Month) 1,000Zen
VIP VIP(3 Months) 2,700Zen
VIP VIP(6 Months) 5,100Zen
  1. As Elemental Air Cultist

Coupons[edit | edit source]

Zen Market Coupons are available in-game from a few sources. The coupons disappear after an hour. Note that coupons do not combine with items that are on sale.