Trove of Elemental Evil

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Trove of Elemental Evil

This box contains one:
Wheel of Elements Artifact
Fire Archon Companion
Earth Archon Companion
Air Archon Companion
Water Archon Companion
Elemental Weapons Transmute Weapons
Emblem of the Cults Wondrous Items

Artifacts and companions found in this pack may appear at epic, rare or uncommon quality.

Filled with items stolen from all four elemental cults, this trove contains myriad relics both powerful and rare.

No Level Requirement
8 Copper
Icon Lockbox Promotional Trove Of Elemental Evil.png

The Trove of Elemental Evil is a pack that can be found in the [Black Earth Lockbox], [Eternal Flame Lockbox], [Crushing Wave Lockbox], [Howling Hatred Lockbox], and [Glorious Resurgence Lockbox].

The pack can contain:

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