The Sea Caves

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Level: 22
Preceded by:
Followed by: Seeking Goldseeker
Given by: Xalliana
Starts in: Blackdagger Ruins
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Blackdagger Ruins
Turn in to: Xalliana
1451 XP
5 Silver 54 Copper
Control Wizard: +2 Robes of Resistance
Great Weapon Fighter: Bloodiron Armor
Duration: {{{duration}}}
Marion Hexbane


  • Defeat Marion Hexbane and search the sea caves for clues, such as a journal or a map.


We're in luck. One of the Blackdagger Bandit leaders, the wizardess Marion Hexbane, controls their shipwrecking and salvaging from a nearby cave. Killing her will stop that operation and give us a chance to look for more clues about where to find the other leaders. This could be the first step to finding Traven Blackdagger himself.


  • Go to Sea Caves
  • Search for Clues (0/2)
  • Kill Marion Hexbane
  • Get the Treasure
  • Return to Xalliana


Hexbane's death is a grand victory, but finding her journal and that map may be even more important. They should give us some good leads to finding the rest of the Blackdagger Bandits' leadership.

But first, every ship on the Sword Coast owes you a debt. Since they can't thank you, please accept this reward from me on their behalf.




Best way to kill her is to run in to her left side, so that she is between you and the edge of the cliff.  Then repel her over the edge of the cliff and she dies.