Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot

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Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot
You have a chance to gain a jackpot of Tarmalune Trade Bars. See the Tarmalune Trader near the Market in Protectors Enclave to trade for valuable goods.

An huge collection of these high demand bars of precious metal. You can exchange these bars for gear, mounts, companion contracts, and other valuable items.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard
Icon Lockbox Darkforest Tradebars.png

Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpots are sometimes found in Dark Forest Lockboxes, Rusted Iron Lockboxes, Unearthed Lockboxes, Frozen Crystal Lockboxes, Tyrannical Lockboxes, Fell Dragon Lockboxes and Nine Hells Lockboxes. They contain Tarmalune Trade Bars.