Tarmalune Trade Bars

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Tarmalune Trade Bars
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

See the Tarmalune Trader near the Market in Protectors Enclave to trade for valuable goods.

Made with silvery precious metal, this Trade Bar is imprinted with Tarmalune trade coster markings. You can exchange these bars for gear, mounts, companion contracts, and other valuable items.

Treasure, Lockbox Currencies
No Level Requirement
8 Copper
Cannot Discard
Tradebar Icon.png

Tarmalune Trade Bars are a currency that is obtainable by opening lockboxes. They are used to obtain Level 60 PVE equipment and Level 20 Mounts.

a chest of Tarmalune bars next to the trade merchant

The Trade Bar Merchant can be found by opening the map in game and clicking on Trade Bar Merchant (default #22) and offers the following items.




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  1. During Midsummer Festival
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  3. During Winter Festival height of event ("Zenith")