Summer Festival

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Summer Festival
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Sword Coast
Levels: 4-70
Midsummer Skyline
Festival Booth
Welcome to the Midsummer Festival
Map of the Midsummer Festival

The Summer Festival, originally called Midsummer Festival for the first two runs, is an annual calendar event and special adventure zone.

The first run ran from August 29th to September 19th, 2013.

The second run ran from August 21st to September 11th, 2014.

The third run ran from July 9th to July 30th, 2015.

The fourth run ran from July 7th to July 28th, 2016.

The fifth run is scheduled from July 6th to July 27th, 2017.

Beyond quests leading characters to the zone, there are in-zone quests, activities, achievements, vendors selling themed items, and a special seasonal profession called Summer Provisioning.

Event[edit | edit source]

The event begins with the sky taking on a purplish hue, at which point an event stand appears near the center of Protector's Enclave with a Midsummer Priestess flanked by a Prize Boar and Blue Ribbon Pig. She provides initial information on the event and starts the quest Summer Festival (Quest).

Summer Festival's Height[edit | edit source]

With Patch NW.5.20130828.7 on 09/12/2013 various changes were implemented in the Festival, primarily an increase in petal rewards. One of these additions (the craftable [Hero's Feast]) was listed as linked to "Summer Festival's Height", but was present right at the beginning of the non-Height version of the event in 2014.

Height of the Summmer Festival!

Join us for the height of the Summer Festival!

Get bonus rewards for festival activities and earn new rewards, including the might craftable Hero's Feast!

Come by the Midsummer Festival zone, found on the overhead map, every day for special activities and unique rewards available only once a year!

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Midsummer Priestess[edit | edit source]

Midsummer Priestess
The Midsummer Festival is going on right now. Come and join us!
  • What is the Midsummer Festival?
Midsummer Priestess
The Midsummer Festival is the Goddess Sune's holy celebration. It is a time of feasting, martial contests, and fun. There are events, contests, unique crafting recipes, and special prizes you can get no where else. So come to the Festival Grounds and join all the fun!

How do I get to the Midsummer Festival?

Midsummer Priestess
To get to the Midsummer Festival, use any of the city gates. On the map, select the icon for the Midsummer Festival northeast of the city.
  • That's all I wanted to ask.
Midsummer Priestess
Remember to come by the Midsummer Festival at least once a day to earn special rewards you can only get while the festival is running.

May the blessing of Sune be upon you!

  • Thank you for the reminder.

Yina Morradi[edit | edit source]

Yina Morradi
Yina Morradi
I hope you're having a good time. Relax and enjoy the festivities.
  • About the Midsummer Festival.
Yina Morradi
Midsummer is the Goddess Sune's festival of love and beauty. What would you like to know about?
  • I'd like to know about the background of the Midsummer Festival.
Yina Morradi
The Midsummer Festival marks the midpoint of summer. It is a time of feasting and fellowship, contests and tournaments, revelry and romance. Midsummer is also the holy day of Sune, Goddess of Love and beauty. It s the pleasure and joy of the church of Sune to once again celebrate the Midsummer Festival here in Neverwinter.
  • I have another question.
  • What activities are there for me to do at the Midsummer Festival?
Yina Morradi
There are many activities that count interest an adventurer like yourself.

To the west of the Festival Round are the Grillin' Grounds, where you can test your martial skills in two different events. First, we've spent all year preparing new water-based trinkets for you to use in a grand Water Battle with your fellow heroes. Splash and avoid being splashed for points and prizes. Secondly, once again we will need the help of adventurers to fend off attacks by marauding trolls during the Hungry Trolls event.

To the east of the Festival Round stands the Blooming Boughs. There you can fight kobolds to gather Fireblossom flowers and earn special crafting materials.

To the north spread the Fertile Fields, where farmer Pavro needs aid herding animals and collecting crops to feed the festival during the Summer Feast contest.

Every day Yina Morradi can grant you a repeatable Quest with a special reward for joining in the Summer Festival's activities.

  • I have another question.
  • I'd like to know about special rewards and crafting.
Yina Morradi
The Midsummer festival has special rewards that only come once a year!

First, many of the activities here at the festival will reward you with Fireblossom Petals. You can redeem these with our Petal Store for special rewards available only at the festival, such as Fashion Garb, Mounts, Companions, and even special Weapons!

Completing my daily mission will reward you with a Tribute to Sune. Redeem these with the Tribute Store to gain special rewards.

Last but not least, we've made some of our priestesses available for Crafting tasks you can only perform during the Midsummer Festival.

  • I have another question.
  • I don't have any further questions.

Currencies[edit | edit source]

Stores[edit | edit source]

Midsummer Florist[edit | edit source]

All items bought from the Midsummer Florist immediately bind on pickup, regardless of their tooltips.

Item Cost
[Flower Gathering Reward] 24 Fireblossom Flowers
[Tomato] 3 Fireblossom Flowers
[Squash] 3 Fireblossom Flowers
[Watermelon] 3 Fireblossom Flowers

Midsummer Merchant[edit | edit source]

  • Standard potions and kits

Midsummer Priestess[edit | edit source]

  • Same list as the Petal Store below

Petal Store[edit | edit source]

All items bought from the Petal Store immediately bind on pickup, regardless of their tooltips, except the Fashion Clothing items, which bind on equip.

Item Cost
[Caprese] 15 Fireblossom Petal
[Squash Soup] 15 Fireblossom Petal
[Watermelon Sorbet] 15 Fireblossom Petal
[Small Party Popper] 15 Fireblossom Petal
[Small Fireworks] 30 Fireblossom Petal
[Piñata] 50 Fireblossom Petal
[Bottomless Waterskin] 700 Fireblossom Petal
[Everlasting Water Bucket] 700 Fireblossom Petal
[Decanter of Endless Water] 700 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Shield] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Long Sword] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Orb] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Greatsword] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Symbol] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Dagger] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Bow] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Blades] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Pact Blade] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Shovel] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Trough] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Watering Can] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Scythe] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Shrub Rake] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Gardening Trowel] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Bow] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Hand Fork] 850 Fireblossom Petal
[Farmer's Fork] 1,700 Fireblossom Petal
[Sunite Garb] 2,600 Fireblossom Petal
[Chef's Whites] 2,600 Fireblossom Petal
[Chef's Double Breasted Jacket] 2,600 Fireblossom Petal
[Chef's Toque] 2,600 Fireblossom Petal
[Forest Flail Snail] 3,500 Fireblossom Petal
[Pig] 4,200 Fireblossom Petal

Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant[edit | edit source]

Tribute Store[edit | edit source]

All items bought from the Tribute Store immediately bind on pickup, regardless of their tooltips.

Item Cost
[Flowers for Everyone!] 1 Favor of Sune
[Armored Boar] 10 Favor of Sune
[Blue Ribbon Pig] 15 Favor of Sune
[Sunite Steed] 15 Favor of Sune
[Water Horse] 18 Favor of Sune
[Fungal Flail Snail] 21 Favor of Sune

Zen Market[edit | edit source]

Sahha Ticket Exchange[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
[Flowers for Everyone!] Copper Ticket 15
[Favor of Sune] Copper Ticket 30
[Enchiridion of the Volley] Copper Ticket 48
[Codex of the check] Copper Ticket 48
[Fundamentals of the Spike] Copper Ticket 48
[Compendium of the Set] Copper Ticket 48
[Body Paint "Dancing Clouds"] Copper Ticket 240
[Body Paint "Barbed Flames"] Copper Ticket 240
[Body Paint "Gilded Wire"] Copper Ticket 240
[South Sea Coutrements] Copper Ticket 320
[South Sea Sarong] Copper Ticket 320
[Ornate Sahha Ball] Copper Ticket 240
[Brown Boo Sahha Ball] Copper Ticket 320
[Brown Boo Sahha Ball] Copper Ticket 320
[Red Dragon Sahha Ball] Copper Ticket 320
[Blue Beholder Sahha Ball] Copper Ticket 320
[Relaxing Summer Chair] Copper Ticket 500
[Amnian Jadeite] Silver Ticket 23
[Preservation Ward] Silver Ticket 10
[Azure Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 5
[Silvery Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 5
[Radiant Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 5
[Dark Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 5
[Draconic Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 5
[Brutal Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 10
[Cruel Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 10
[Vicious Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 10
[Savage Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 10
[Black Ice Enchantment, Rank 7] Silver Ticket 10
[Midsummer Artifact Raffle] Mithral Ticket 1
[Midsummer Epic Mount Raffle] Mithral Ticket 1
[Midsummer Legendary Mount Raffle] Mithral Ticket 1

Postal Courier[edit | edit source]

On 09/12/2013 a Postal Courier was added to the The Festival Round, the first instance of full mail service being available in a zone outside Protector's Enclave.

Quest Progression[edit | edit source]

1. Summer Festival (Quest)

Favor of Sune (Quest) (Repeatable daily) : Granted each day when entering zone
Summer Celebration (Repeatable daily)

2. Summer of Love

3. Midsummer Crafts

4. Summertime Sahha

Enchiridion of the Volley
For Love of the Game
Your Very Own Sahha Ball (Repeatable daily)

Contests[edit | edit source]

There are three rotating Contests during the festival. Each lasts 15 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between, so a full rotation takes 60 minutes. There are a pair of achievements for participating in Hungry Trolls and Summer Feast contests 10 times each. On rare occasion a Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip version of one of the Tribute Store items may drop for a player who gets first place. This is the [Pig] during the Summer Feast and the [Everlasting Water Bucket] for the Water Battle. [Piñata]s drop much more often.

  • Hungry Trolls: Kill trolls in the Grillin' Grounds. There are a variety of trolls, including Gluttonous Trolls, Hungry Trolls, Ravenous Trolls, and Starving Trolls. Occasionally a named troll, such as Gormengeena or Smorgengorg, will arrive with an announcement.
  • Water Battle: Use various themed objects (purchased or gathered) to target other player characters with harmless water based attacks. Earn points by hitting and lose them by being hit.
  • Summer Feast: Harvest corn and chase chickens and pigs in the Fertile Fields. A fast mount helps.

Note: During The 2013 version of the festival the contests lasted 12 minutes separated by a 3 minute break, Summer Feast was called Midsummer Feast, and the Water Battle contest was not included.

Flower Gathering[edit | edit source]

Flower gathering in the Blooming Boughs is available at all times. Midsummer Kobolds (Minion, Hurler, Dragonshield, Slyblade, and an occasional Wyrmpriest in the northeast corner) drop [Fireblossom Flowers]. These flowers can also be obtained by looting the large flower clusters that spawn in the area, which on 09/06/2013 were patched to allow interaction to proceed even while the gathering character is under attack by the "normal" kobolds (strong kobolds like the Dragonshields can still interrupt attempts by using special attacks).[1]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following Achievements can be earned by participating in the event:

  • Chicken Chaser: Participate in the "Midsummer Harvest" Event 10 Times.
  • Florist: Gather 120 flowers for the Midsummer Festival
  • Summer Celebrant: Celebrate the Midsummer Festival
  • Summer Knight: Celebrate the Midsummer Festival 10 Times
  • Summer Lover: Celebrate the Midsummer Festival 25 Times
  • Summer Sensation: Celebrate the Midsummer Festival 50 Times
  • Troll Wrangler: Participate in the "Hungry Trolls" Event 10 Times

Note: During the 2013 event the Summer Celebrant and Summer Knight achievements were labeled Midsummer instead.

Lore[edit | edit source]

There are five lore entries available during the Midsummer Festival. All five are learned during the quest Summer of Love. Their entries are placed in the Protector's Enclave category of the lore journal.

  • Flowers for Sune: Talk to the Midsummer Florist in the Blooming Boughs during the Summer of Love quest.
  • Hungry Trolls: Talk to the Midsummer Grillmaster in the Grillin' Grounds during the Summer of Love quest.
  • Of Sune and Feasts: Talk to Farmer Pavro in the Fertile Fields during the Summer of Love quest.
  • Summer Waters: Talk to the Summer Watermaster in the Festival Round during the Summer of Love quest.
  • The Goddess Sune: Examine the wall scroll in the Festival Round during the Summer of Love quest.

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