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Skirmishes are player-vs-environment private instances that (so far) take place in outdoor environments and which are balanced for groups of five characters. They are similar to Dungeon Delves, but usually shorter and often involve staying in a fixed area while defeating multiple waves of foes.

Skirmishes awards an achievement which can be earned during normal leveling, or during the "Call to Arms" event. A Call to Arms is the only means to earn those achievements for a character that has exceeded the max level for each indicated in the table below.

List of Skirmishes[edit]

Level Name Zone Queue
Min Max
8 Blacklake Terror Blacklake District 5 13
13 Orc Assault Tower District 10 21
23 Storming the Keep Blackdagger Ruins 18 30
31 Straight to Helm Helm's Hold 27 35
36 Defend the Temple Ebon Downs 32 39
39 Pit Fight Vellosk 36 43
44 Garrundar the Vile Pirates' Skyhold 40 47
47 Storm Front Icespire Peak 44 50
51 Gate Crashers The Chasm 47 53
54 Defend the Village Rothé Valley 50 57
55 Battle for the Bridge Mount Hotenow 54 60
59 Aberrant Assault Whispering Caverns 57 60
60 Master of the Hunt Sharandar 60 60
60 Dread Legion Dread Ring 60 60
? Kessell's Retreat Icewind Dale 60[1] 60
? The Shores of Tuern Tuern 60[2] 60
  1. Kessell's Retreat is an epic skirmish unlocked through the Icewind Dale Campaign.
  2. The Shores of Tuern is a normal and epic skirmish unlocked through the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign.

Call to Arms Skirmish[edit]

A Call to Arms is an enhanced, limited time version of a normal skirmish that permits levels 6-60 to queue for it. These events have enhanced drop tables with special items like rare pets and themed weapons intended for transmute use.

  • Teams can be mixed between a wide level range, and the monsters auto scale their damage given and received as appropriate to each character.
  • It appears that each character will appear to themselves to be flagged as the party leader when entering the queue singly. When joining a team then leadership will be assigned as normal.
  • A Call to Arms only counts as a level appropriate skirmish for Daily Skirmish purposes if the normal version would be in the correct range for the character.
  • A Call to Arms does count as a Skirmish for purposes of earning the Skirmish event hour reward of 1000 Rough Astral Diamond.
  • A Call to Arms does count towards earning a Skirmish's achievement.
  • Loot Mode is always set to Round Robin.
  • General monster drops appear to be dictated by the level of the character that dealt the majority of damage to monster, so in a group of mixed low and high level characters much of the gear dropped will be unusable by the lower level ones (though still sellable obviously).

Start Date End Date Event Name Adventure Zone
2013-08-09 2013-08-12 Orc Assault Tower District
2013-10-03 2013-10-07 Straight to Helm Helm's Hold
2013-11-14 2013-11-18 Pit Fight Vellosk
2014-01-24 2014-01-28 Storming the Keep Blackdagger Ruins
2014-02-20 2014-02-24 Orc Assault v2 Tower District
2014-03-20 2014-03-25 Temple Defense Ebon Downs
2014-04-17 2014-04-21 Battle for the Bridge Mount Hotenow
2014-06-05 2014-06-09 Garrundar the Vile Pirates' Skyhold
2014-07-17 2014-07-21 Gate Crashers The Chasm
2014-10-16 2013-10-20 Pit Fight v2 Vellosk

Event Skirmishes[edit]

Certain calendar events include limited-time skirmishes. Examples so far include Respen's Marvelous Game and the Protector's Jubilee.

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