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Location Type:
Levels: 70
New Sharandar seen from scrying stone
Old Sharandar Ruins Loading Screen
Sharandar Loading Screen

Sharandar is an adventure zone added in the Fury of the Feywild update. It is the main site of the Sharandar Campaign. Access to the region is granted as part of the quest To the Farthest Forest. Initially the characters will enter the Old Sharandar Ruins, but following a certain stage of the quest they will enter New Sharandar and from then on will move directly between it and other map regions.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Old Sharandar Ruins
  • Banshee Gate
  • Barbican Ruins
  • Gnarlroot Caves
  • Heart of the Grove
  • High Cliffs
  • Malabog's Castle
  • Moonlight Gate
  • New Sharandar
  • Outpost of Malabog
  • The Deep Blight
  • The Horrid Mire
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • The Lower Bank
  • The Outer Ward
  • The Plateau
  • The Putrid Fen
  • The Twisted Thicket
  • The Upper Bank
  • Tower of Celadaine
  • Witch Fen
  • Wyldwood Gate

NPCs[edit | edit source]