Seal of the Lion

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Seal of the Lion
Category: Currency
Type: Seal
Binding: {{ }}
Quality: Rare
Requires class:
Requires race:
Requires level:
Set Name:
Quest: [[]]
Sale value: Cannot sell
Buy value:
Salvage value:
Seal Vendor
Seals are tokens of appreciation gained by performing notable deeds. You can acquire Seals by participating in various events and contests in and around Neverwinter.

You can trade in your collected Seals at any Seal Trader in exchange for special items. Seal Traders can be found at the Protector's Enclave market, or at certain camps outside the Enclave.


Seal of the Lion can be earned in dungeons or by trading 1 Ardent Coin at the Vault of Piety for 4 Seal of the Lion. Can also be obtained from the Bounty Masters in Tower District for 20 Many-Arrows Insignia, Blackdagger Ruins for 20 Blackdagger Insignia, Neverdeath Graveyard for 20 Necromantic Sigils, or Helm's Hold for 20 Ashmadai Symbol.


These can be exchanged in Protector's Enclave to Mallory Knight the Lion Seal Trader for level 16 to 32 adventuring equipment.


Seal of the Lion
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Collecting these valuable seals allows you to exchange them to acquire special gear if you can find a collector.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard