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Light Cotton Cloth is a resource that is rewarded in the limited-time Midsummer Event (August 29th to September 18th, 2013). These can by used by the Midsummer Provisioning Profession to make Summer Garb or fireworks. They can be obtained in a variety of ways including the repeatable quest Midsummer Celebration, the contests Hungry Trolls and Midsummer Feast, and by opening a [Flower Gathering Reward] (purchased with 12 Fireblossom Flowers gathered via the Flower Gathering Activity in the Summer Fields adventure zone).

NW Light Cotton Cloth.png
Light Cotton Cloth
Category: Profession Resource
Type: Midsummer Provisioning
Binding: {{ }}
Quality: Common
Requires class:
Requires race:
Requires level:
Set Name:
Quest: [[]]
Sale value: 5Copper
Buy value:
Salvage value:
NW Light Cotton Cloth.png

Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Summer Dyes
A resource used in common Summer crafting tasks. Can be found in Flower Gathering Reward packs.

A bolt of cloth blessed by Sune for use in Midsummer festival preparations.

Midsummer Provisioning
No Level Requirement
5 Copper