Iron Shears

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NW Iron Shears.png
Iron Shears
Category: Profession Asset
Type: Leatherworking
Binding: {{ }}
Quality: Uncommon
Requires class:
Requires race:
Requires level:
Item level:
Set Name:
Quest: [[]]
Sale value: 27 Copper
Buy value:
Salvage value:

Iron Shears can be used in Leatherworking and Tailoring tasks that require shears as an asset. They can also be used in Rare tasks as Optional assets that allow for Tools, where they give +16% Quality (increase chances for a higher tiered result).

They can be obtained by opening a Professions Booster Pack, which are purchased from the Zen Market. They can also be traded and bought/sold on the Tarmalune Auction House.

Tooltip[edit source]

Iron Shears
Bonus: +16% Quality

An asset used in common crafting tasks. Can be found in profession booster packs.

Tailoring, Shears, Tool, Leatherworking
No Level Requirement
27 Copper