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Invocation is a game mechanic in Neverwinter where characters can call upon the gods for boons and gifts. This is available to all characters above level 10, regardless of class, race, or other aspects of the character. The results of the rewards, listed below, can include standard loot, temporary boosts, as well as Ardent Coin and Celestial Coin, two forms of currency used to trade for special potions or equipment.

Unlocking invocation[edit]

Invoking the Gods quest becomes available at level 11. You must first pick up this quest from either Sergeant Knox or Aralynn the Pious to be able to invoke. The Invocation Counter, as a useful HUD indicator, only becomes visible after completing the first step of this quest (and the next step requires you to invoke to complete the quest).

Invocation mechanics[edit]

NW Invocation Counter.jpg
Invocation can be used once every hour at a campfire or Portable Altar. The Invocation Counter will display the time remaining until Invocation becomes available if it isn't already.

Once the above conditions are met, an invocation ritual can be started by using the appropriate hotkey. Ctrl-I is default.

Characters can invoke the gods once every hour. To do so, they must travel to Aralynn the Pious (located South of the Hall of Justice in the Protectors Enclave), at any standard campfire, or use a [Portable Altar], [Hero's Feast], or [Mechanical Altar].

Results of Invocation[edit]

Invocation can have the following results:

  • Unnoticed: "Though you mumble the proper invocation the Gods didn’t notice. Try harder next time." A small amount of XP is the only reward for this outcome.
  • Recognized: "The ritual is complete; the Gods are amused." This outcome awards a small amount of XP plus a small random stat boost.
  • Acknowledged: "The Gods have seen your hard work and wish to aid you in your heroism." This outcome awards the same as "Recognized" plus a useful item, probably consumable, or stat bonus.
  • Honored: "Your devotion and bravery have impressed the Gods, who reward you greatly." This outcome awards the same as "Acknowledged" plus a more valuable icon.

Additionally, every day, an Ardent Coin and Celestial Coin will be awarded that can be spent to acquire items from the Vault of Piety. Like the Zen Market, the Vault of Piety is always available and can be accessed by a small button next to the Invocation Counter. Celestial Coins can be used to acquire more valuable items than those acquired by Ardent Coins, but Celestial Coins are revoked on missing a day of Invocation.

Upon using Invocation there are bonuses to the first three times you use it every day; you will be granted a set number of Rough Astral Diamonds and Experience Points which is directly related to your current level. The first Invocation grants full bonus. The second Invocation of the day grants 2/3 ad and 1/2 exp of full bonus. The third Invocation of the day will grant 1/3 AD and 1/4 exp of the full bonus. The following is the amount of Rough Astral Diamonds given when you use Invocation at level 60 the first 3 times per day. Level 60 Invocations:

List of Buffs[edit]

The following buffs can be a result of using Invocation. Those buffs last 15 minutes. How much they give depends on the character level, at level 60, players get +150 in either stat. It is not possible to receive several of these buffs simultaneously when using Invocation. However, their time stops running out when logging out, so coming back online after an hour and using Invocation again immediately will give an additional buff.