Indomitable Warrior's Armor

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Indomitable Warrior's Armor, part of the Indomitable Warrior armor set.

Tooltip[edit source]

Indomitable Warrior's Armor
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Equip: +672 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +13 AC
Equip: +168 Power
Equip: +817 Defense
Equip: +392 Deflection

Defense Slot: No Enchantment

Armor Enhancement Slot: No Enchantment

Part of set (0/4)
Helm of the Indomitable Warrior
Indomitable Warrior's Armor
Indomitable Warrior's Gauntlets
Indomitable Warrior's Greaves

2 of Set: Equip: +400 Defense

4 of Set: You have 20% more Guard Meter.

Plate, Armor
Requires Class: Guardian Fighter
Requires Level: 60

1 Gold 60 Silver 43 Copper

Look[edit | edit source]


Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Trade of Blades, for Glory.