Gift of the Gods

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Gift of the Gods

You have completed a challenge! As your reward you will receive one of the following:
Celestial Mantle equipment
Invocation Gift
Celestial Grace Dye Pack
Divine Injury Kit
Enchants that are appropriate for your level
Runes that are appropriate for your level
Potions that are appropriate for your level

Deities are the most powerful of immortal creatures, residents of the Astral Sea. Their true nature is beyond physical form but they do appear in dreams and visions to their followers. Today they have given you a gift from beyond the mortal world.

No Level Requirement
8 Copper
Icons Inventory Event COTG Gift Gods.png

The Gift of the Gods is a reward from the Challenge of the Gods event. In spite of being called a lockbox, it does not require an Enchanted Key to open.

It can contain: