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Gateway is a part of the Neverwinter website that allows players to access their characters, without logging into the game client, in other words, from their browser or "on the go."

The address is:

Features[edit | edit source]

Sword Coast Adventures: Play with your Companions in a game of dice. Earn Rough Astral Diamonds, resources and more!

Character Sheet: Review the items and the Collections of your selected character.

Inventory: Check your bags, profession materials and idle companions here. You can refine Rough Astral Diamonds from here.

Professions: Start or finish tasks from your browser! If you lack any resources, click the "Buy Supplies" button on the bottom of the page.

Auction House: Bid, buy or sell goods, just as in the ingame Auction House.

Astral Diamond Exchange: Buy or sell Astral Diamonds for Zen.

Zen Market: Browse the Zen Market. Bought items will appear in your inventory immediately.

Guild: Check the member list, guild notes and information here.

Mail: Send or read mails and get their attachment.

Notes[edit | edit source]