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As with most MMOs, Neverwinter has a built-in text chat system. This is normally displayed in the lower-left of the heads-up display. Unlike some other MMOs, this game is heavily influenced by the Cryptic-wide Custom Channel system. Below is and ongoing list of custom channels found in the game. Please refer to here for basic chat system information.

Channel List[edit]

Information Channels[edit]

New Player Channels[edit]

NWO-Newbies[1]: A cross-shard channel to help new users or lower level players that have general questions.

NWHilfe (German-speaking)

Crafting/Professions/Tradeskill Channels[edit]

NWO-Professions[1]: A cross-shard channel to discuss professions, contact a person for consignments, and sell/trade profession specific items.

Role or Class Specific Channels[edit]

NWO-Controllers[1]: A cross-shard channel for classes that focus on crowd-control.

NWO-Defenders[1]: A cross-shard channel for tank classes.

NWO-Leaders[1]: A cross-shard channel for classes that buff/heal.

NWO-Strikers[1]: A cross-shard channel for classes that focus on doing damage.

End-game/Epic Channels[edit]

NWO-Epics[1]: A cross-shard channel for the discussion of Epic level dungeon-delves.


NW_Foundry[2]: A cross-shard channel for authors to get ideas, seek help, or find their first review testers.


NWRP: A cross-shard OOC channel for roleplayers to get ideas, seek help, or schedule meets with other players. Also linked with their own [1].

NWGermanRP (German-speaking)

TalkingStones[3]: A cross-shard IC channel for roleplayers based on the Sending Stones from D&D lore.


NWO-Owners[1]: A cross-shard channel for custom channel official owners to gather to share information or help new owners with channel setup.

Trade Channels[edit]



Beholder Shard[edit]


Dragon Shard[edit]

NW Dragon Trade[5]

NWN Trade[6]

Mindflayer Shard[edit]


LFG Channels[edit]



NWGermanLFG (German-speaking)

Beholder Shard[edit]


Dragon Shard[edit]

NW Dragon LFG[5]


Dragon Legit Comunity

Mindflayer Shard[edit]


  • = Closing when shard merger happens.


Special thanks to those that have founded custom channels to help out the game.

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