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The various types of currency that appear in Neverwinter can be found in the Wealth tab of the Inventory UI which are listed below:

General Currency[edit]

  • Astral Diamond [Astral Diamond]s: Astral Diamonds is a currency commonly used to pay for in-game services like changing item appearance, advancing in a Campaign path, or unslotting Enchantments, and they are sometimes awarded by buying certain Packs or participating in events. Most Astral however is gained by either selling items for profit on the Auction House or refining [Rough Astral Diamond]s.
    • Astral Diamonds are the only possible currency to use on the Auction House, and the auction is the only means to effectively transfer them between accounts (though it will be at a loss because of the auction fee). For transferring diamonds between two characters on the same account, a reliable and lossless means is to create a purchase order for Zen on the Astral Diamond Exchange (ideally setting the bid at a rate so low per Zen that nobody would be willing to accept it) and then cancel the order with the other character allowing that character to now withdraw the freed up diamonds.
  • Gold [Gold]: This is the most basic and common currency. Gold (Gold), or its smaller denominations of Silver (Silver) and Copper (Copper), are awarded at the completion of almost every quest and most foes may drop this currency. Many vendors accept gold, and all vendors that allow you to sell goods to them offer gold for the items.
    • 100 copper equals one silver and 100 silver equals one gold, this conversion is done automatically whenever necessary.
  • Zen [Zen]: This currency is primarily used in the Zen Market. It can be purchased for real-world money from Perfect World Entertainment or with [Astral Diamond]s through the Astral Diamond Exchange.
    • Zen is the only currency which is account-wide and not locked to any one shard your characters are on. Through use of the Astral Diamond Exchange it can essentially allow you to transfer diamonds too as mentioned earlier, and possibly other currencies provided you are can invest the time and effort into converting them (i.e. using a low level Seal to buy rare or worse gear which you sell for Gold to buy epic gear which you Salvage to [Rough Astral Diamond] which you then convert to Astral Diamonds.

Special Currencies[edit]

Limited-Time Special Event Currencies[edit]

Bounty Items[edit]

The game includes bounty items, with which you can trade for different types of seals used to purchase gear. The locations of all the Bounty Masters for the specific bounty items are listed below. Bounty items can drop from any creature in the zone that they are returned to. Bounty items are stored in the currencies tab, and cannot be sold, but may be discarded.

Bounty Zone Seal Seal Cost Treasure Cache Treasure Cost
[Many-Arrows Insignia] Tower District [Seal of the Lion] "20" [Many-Arrows Treasure Cache] "10"
[Blackdagger Insignia] Blackdagger Ruins [Seal of the Lion] "20" [Blackdagger Treasure Cache] "10"
[Necromantic Sigils] Neverdeath Graveyard [Seal of the Lion] "20" [Neverdeath Treasure Cache] "10"
[Ashmadai Symbol] Helm's Hold [Seal of the Lion] "20" [Ashmadai Treasure Cache] "10"
[Deathknell Shard Sliver] Ebon Downs [Seal of the Manticore] "20" [Ebon Downs Treasure Cache] "10"
[Gray Wolf Insignia] Vellosk [Seal of the Manticore] "20" [Vellosk Treasure Cache] "10"
[Blackdagger Gold Coin] Pirates' Skyhold [Seal of the Manticore] "20" [Pirate Skyhold Treasure Cache] "10"
[Mithral Nugget] Icespire Peak [Seal of the Manticore] "20" [Icespire Treasure Cache] "10"
[Blue Fire Insignia] The Chasm [Seal of the Pegasus] "?" [Chasm Treasure Cache] "10"
[Symbol of Lolth] Rothé Valley [Seal of the Pegasus] "?" [Temple of the Spider Treasure Cache] "10"
[Ember Shard] Mount Hotenow [Seal of the Pegasus] "?" [Mount Hotenow Treasure Cache] "10"
[Dwarf Relic] Whispering Caverns [Seal of the Pegasus] "?" [Whispering Caverns Treasure Cache] "10"
[Fomorian Concoction] Sharandar [Seal of the Unicorn] "?" [Sharandar Treasure Cache] "10"

Currency Gallery[edit]

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